Up in the Air


I now have utter proof that I travel too much for work–I understood far too much of aspects of this movie! That aside, it is incredibly well-done and reflective of our time in a broad way without, usually, being overly maudlin or sentimental. Reitman’s script is smart and sharp–one of his best in years. And Clooney is utterly believable, rather than just entertaining, which I’ve not seen him do in a long time. And while not an “up” movie, it is not without its empowering moments.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand


Wow, what can one say? 300 meets Caligula, but without the money shot? Skin and cartoon-gore will only take you so far through the series. If you can survive on a diet of that, you’ll make it through. I didn’t.

In the Loop


Imagine Wag the Dog if it had been written by the gang over at The Office, but with much more energy and direction than The Office acheives. Can’t say I’d watch it again, but the insanity of government and people is well depicted. But, ultimately, not incredibly satisfying in a good or bad way–which, admittedly, is their point. Some excellent performances are turned in, especially by Gandolfini.

Cold Souls


Chekovian science ficiton (and I don’t mean Walter Koenig) movie. Funny and thought provoking and all done very quietly on a low budget.

His Secret Life


Very sweet and odd Italian film. A journey of acceptance and a broadening of a woman’s understanding of the world and her own life. And, of course, what constitutes “family.”

Jay McCaroll:Eleven Minutes


An honest look at what it takes to create the 11 minutes of magic on a runway twice a year and what it takes to really be a part of and succeed in the industry. Oh, and more F-bombs per minute than a Mamet play.

The Company


How the heck does Altman do it–a string of near non-narrative that transcends its collective and becomes a movie? Would probably rewatch this just for the dance sequences and sound design.

Unconditional Love


Pure gooey and silly fun with an engaging cast that really gets to have some fun amidst the plot. Few surprises, but you really don’t care. Leaves you laughing and smiling–you need a movie like this every once in a while!

The Final Destination


Inventive: yes. Silly: absolutely. Complete waste of time: nah. Watch again: probably not.



Inventive and bizzare as always. Not my favorite Myazaki, but part of a great cannon. It isn’t however, so much a tale told for children, as to adults about how they treat children. Gives the film a rather odd feeling given that the main character is a 5yr old boy (and, well, a magical fish girl 😉

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