The Protector 2 (Tom yum goong 2)


The continuing story of a (warrior) boy and his elephant is about what you’d expect: ridiculous plot, and lots of inventive fights. Jaa, (Ong Bak) isn’t a great actor, but he is an incredible martial artist. And with director Pinkaew (Chocolate, Ong Bak) at the helm, Jaa gets to show off his abilities.

While this was never going to be a great film, it could have been more entertaining. A little humor would have definitely helped it along. As it was, the plot  and acting were generally so earnest, it beggared imagination. Perhaps it was  because the premise was so broad that I was hoping for some relief? Either way, the thin and confusing story was really just dressing for the stunts and fights. Honestly, that was enough to see it once, but I wouldn’t come back to it again.

If you’re a Jaa fan or just want to sit back and enjoy 100 minutes of Thailand and fights, it will fit the bill. A couple of the sequences are pretty spectacular. If you want more complete entertainment that happens to have fights, I’d look elsewhere: Chocolate, Bunraku, Attack on Titan, Kill Bill, even Lockout, just to name a diverse few that can offer a bit more for your time.

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