Queens of Mystery

[3 stars]

A delightfully wry and witty, semi-cozy mystery with an 80s TV vibe, down to its washed out color pallet. Add in a narrative riff like Pushing Daisies, carried by Juliet Stevenson (Atlantis), and you’re set for an amusing evening with some deadly serious murders.

The series spins around Olivia Vinall (Roadkill) and her three mystery writing aunties. The trio of surrogate moms includes an amusingly and uncharacteristically edgy Julie Graham (Bletchley Circle: San Francisco).

The series creator, Julian Unthank, wrote for several seasons of Doc Martin which should give you some sense of the level of humor. The show is full of silly characters, complex tales, and one over-arching mystery surrounding Vinall’s parents. Frustratingly, that mystery is left very much in its box, though they play around the edges of it the entire series. It’s a short season of three 90 minute stories, but the individual stories are all engaging and I am looking forward to seeing what they’ve got when they return.

Queens of Mystery Poster

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