Read a Story, Save a Koala

OK, that was certainly trying to leverage cheap sentiment, but it’s not untrue.
My latest story, “By the Grace of God,” a comedy for a change, is part of Oz is Burning. This latest antho is a collection of primarily Australian authors who contributed tales to raise funds for WIRES, NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.
What am I doing in there? Fair question. I worked in Melbourne on and off for three years in one of my previous positions. I fell in love with the city and still have many friends there. This was a way to be involved to help.
This collection is, again, Kindle Unlimited. Just read a story or two and the royalties/donations will be made. So, y’know, at least read mine if you have access! But there are several great writers in there worth your time. Don’t have Kindle Unlimited? You can purchase the book instead, I’ll not judge.
You can also choose to donate (or donate more) directly to WIRES at:

Oz is Burning cover

Also still available:
“Skin in the Game” in Alternate Truths: Endgame (supporting the ACLU)
“Short-Handed” in April 2020 available from Issuu or Amazon

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