Rio 2


When last we saw our blue feathered friends, they were living happily ever after and trying to repopulate their species… alone and with only their chicks to do it. Yeah, don’t think about it too much. The original was an amusing Busby Berkeley confection of silliness that entertained and surprised, even if it wasn’t particularly great. This was all I was looking for in the sequel.

On some of these points, it delivered, but it was erratic and uneven falling back on the large scale visual extravaganzas to substitute for story. This was a shame as some of the conceits and messages had possibility. I’m sure there was enough to engage children, but the elements that would keep the adults interested were incompletely developed and too broad.

The voice acting was reasonably solid, within the borders the actors were allowed to range. Clement (Men in Black 3) and Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies) really steal the story, providing the only potential depth in the shallow pond of a story. The rest were fine, but had little range or surprises to offer. Sadly, unlike Frozen, the female characters aren’t that strong; though some have moments, they are all dominated by men which also lowers my recommendation. Generally, this is a kaleidoscope to watch for 100 minutes or so, but not a great addition to the pile of children’s fare offered up in the last few years. It has messages and will keep kids occupied, but it won’t hold adults for more than a single viewing or two. In a world where kids rewatch films over and over, I feel for the parents that bring it into the house.

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