Ripper Street (series 3)


This long-awaited series wraps up several story lines, mostly well and a couple very satisfactorily. The style of the show took a decided turn, however. The language became near florid; beautiful, but very over done. The characters all slipped into the arch from the realistic. And, finally, the plot became much more linear, though not obvious. And it certainly starts off with a bang.

The previous series couldn’t quite decide what the story was about. Series 1 was more police procedural, series 2 more soap opera and political drama. This final (maybe) series is more personal, but with a long criminal investigation game going on. It also picks up some social revolutions around women’s rights as quite a nice reminder that, as a society, we’re still in the throes of these issues and why.

I still prefer the initial incarnation of the show, but this is a fitting and interesting end to it all. Moving on from this one will require a lot of new thinking and a new direction. Possible, but not likely as interesting. And with other shows taking up the era and ideas, probably duplicatve as well.

Generally, if you liked the show at all, you need to catch this third in the run. It brings back most of the originals and adds a few nice surprise guests and characters. Just be prepared for a sort of Wild West Shakespeare thing going on for your ears. There is a lot of word and imagery packed into that dialogue.

Update: The fourth series is now filming and will premier on Amazon Prime.

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