Robot Overlords


So you’re probably wondering why the heck, after last night, I’d subject myself to something titled, “Robot Overlords.” To be honest, because it was free and it was there. I didn’t hold out any hope, and I expected to turn it off after 5 minutes or less. I was wrong. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised as it is from the same director, and this time also co-writer, as the delightfully twisted Grabbers.

OK, this isn’t a brilliant movie by a long shot, but they did think through a lot of the issues and didn’t take the easy or dumb way out 90% of the time. Yes, aspects of the ending are far too easy, and in one case just counter to the facts (but it was worth the moment). Generally, however, it is just a fun yarn and ride… aimed at teenagers to be sure, but still fun.

Add to this Kingsley (Night at the Museum) and Anderson (The Fall, Hannibal), both of whom play prominently, and a host of other faces such as Mackintosh (Inside Men) and James (Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows) and you get a committed cast who can sell the concept. Of course, the movie is mostly driven by the younger cast, led by McAuliffe (Stanford Prison Experiment), Parker (Mr. Holmes) and the lesser known Hunt and Tarpey. The four make a great team and play easily with one another.

This will never make your top 10 list, maybe not even your top 500, but it is honestly entertaining and better than a ton of similar material that is being churned out at an ever increasing rate with CG getting so cheap. Here, at least, f/x were applied carefully to get some very creepy effects, such as the Mediator (played by Garner) and to give a sense of real scale at times. Give it a shot for a rainy weekend day. I think you’ll be surprised.

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