Shaun the Sheep Movie


Aardman Studios, led by Nick Park, have created a slew of entertaining stop-action movies from Wallace and Gromit to Chicken Run. While aimed at kids, all of these had adult appeal through visual nods to other movies and had dialogue and stories with many more layers than younger viewers could catch.

Shaun, sadly, is neither directed by the silly sheep’s creator (Park) nor is it at the same level of complexity of their earlier releases. It is simply a big-screen adventure for its TV show. There are some amusements for adults and the animation is stellar, as always. And, most interestingly, there is no dialogue. None. There are grunts and sound effects, but the entire story is delivered by sight. Getting these little clay figures to emote clearly is impressive; you will get attached to the characters.

But, honestly, while this will entertain youngsters, for a fully adult audience (no kids in the room) you may find your mind wandering between chuckles. If you appreciate stop-motion, this is a solid entry in the genre, but Boxtrolls was the strongest, recent entry in the category, if you want to see something really quite wonderful.

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