Sin City: A Dame to Kill For


Some things grow better with age and anticipation, and some don’t. The sad reality is that almost 10 years after the original Sin City, this sequel, while artistically still stunning, is a weak and unnecessary addition. It needn’t have been that way. No one is particularly bad, though the characters in this universe are far from three dimensional to start with. But the real problem is that the story just isn’t all that compelling.

The original Sin City took on multiple viewpoints, but managed to weave it all together to a great climax. Unrelated bits threaded up and the whole became an object lesson for the remaining aspects. It was, also, in its time very unexpected and unique. The visual techniques, if not the specific look, are now common place. And the story attempts to pick up near where it left off as a way to anchor us. In truth, it should have moved on and given us a new story and a new type of plot.

Instead we got an orthogonal story set a few years later. It isn’t horrible (well, the people are, but the story isn’t), but neither is it compelling. Even with Green (300: Rise of an Empire), Gordon-Levitt (Don Jon), Alba (Little Fockers), Brolin (Labor Day), and Rourke (Immortals) all working their collective butts off, the story remains flat.

Honestly, the original should have been left to stand on its own without something new to tell. No amount of visual trickery or ability to create a living graphic novel up on screen can overcome a flawed base. Let me be your sacrifice to this 100+ minute waste of your time. I went, I saw, I yawned. Unless you really feel you must, go watch something else with the time you just got back. I’ve nearly a 1000 different choices for you to consider in this blog alone.

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