Sliding Doors


This was one of the first DVDs I purchased, and I knew nothing about it other than the cast and the description of the film when I did. It is, possibly, one of the most perfect romantic films ever made (and I include all the classics in that statement from Casablanca to Groundhog Day). John Hannah and Gwyneth Paltrow and the side-kicks are so enchanting that you cannot help but fall in love with Love and fall in love with them. Add to the lead performances pitch-perfect editing and I dare you to watch and not cry (in a good way). I’ve rewatched this film probably more than any other–much to even my own surprise– and I’ve never regretted turning it on and spending the time. The only drawbacks for me are a couple of weaker performances by Lynch and Tripplehorn, and that the original pressing of the DVD won’t fill a 1080 screen… I can only hope they’ll remaster it for the new technology soon so I can replace the copy in our library. I wish Howitt’s other endeavors had been so well conceived and executed, but I suspect that it was Sydney Pollack’s tutalege during the production that made all the difference.

Sliding Doors

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