If you think you know what this film is or is about, you’re wrong. It isn’t even easy to write about without giving it away or making it sound far too odd. The movie is typically listed as horror, but that really short-shrifts it. It is as much romance, science-fiction, fantasy, and road movie as anything else. But the categorization isn’t surprising given some of the film and that the team of writer/co-director Benson and co-director Moorhead are known in that genre (V/H/S Viral). It is a rather hard movie to pin down.

The story begins with Pucci (Evil Dead), setting up his present and his somewhat forced trajectory onto a path that will change his life in just about every way. The story takes its time so that we really understand the shift that occurs when he meets Hilker, a relatively unknown (in the States) German actor. The two are immediately likable together and are compellingly flawed characters. The entire film is pretty much carried by these two, along with one smaller role played by  Carnelutti,  The extras on the disc make it obvious why this worked so well… the cast and crew clearly had a great time together and enjoyed their adventure.

Don’t be fooled by the three star rating I’ve provided. On a purely story level and execution Spring is surprising and entertaining. It even earned a few award wins and nominations. However, the script is also a bit clunky at times, and the production most definitely low budget in ways which dropped it just enough to have me lower the overall rating. Despite those relatively minor aspects, it is a film worth seeing and supporting, but certainly not a typical offering. Much like A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, it is genre-bending and focused on its characters, not its actions. Give it a shot. If you like good stories, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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