St. Trinian’s: Legend of Fritton’s Gold


The first outing for these outrageous school girls was a great deal of silly, broad (ahem) fun. If you aren’t familiar with the comic or the first movie, imagine a much less family-friendly, demented version of Matilda. In this case, however, the bad guys aren’t running the school, they’re just  trying to crush its spirit. Good luck with that.

Fighting back is the Head Mistress, played by Rupert Everette (Parade’s End) with great gnashing of teeth and many a wink, along with “her” army of young women and girls. That army is well stocked with talent as well, led by Arterton (Unfinished Song), Temple (Dirty Girl), Riley (In a World), Whittaker (Broadchurch), and many others.

Supporting the madness, St. Trinian’s enlists Firth (Hyde Park on Hudson) and Jones (The Girl). And all of this talent and fun lines up against their villain, played with clear joy by Tennant (Broadchurch, Doctor Who).

This second outing for the St. Trinian’s girls continues from where they left off, more or less. And, of course, craziness ensues as a new threat to the school and our schoolmarm’s heart arises. This is a great popcorn flick, better for its bunch of moments and songs than its overall plot. However, you might be surprised how tight the plot actually is in the end.

Watch and enjoy it for what it is: entertaining, silly fun in the vein of a teen version of Charlie’s Angels remake. We are talking the writing team that brought us Burke & Hare, and the directors that created Johnny English Reborn, after all, though I don’t hold that against them. I’m just glad they got back together to do this sequel. There are rumors of a third, but it seems stalled at the moment.

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