[3 stars]

Sometimes silly is just the ticket. This past year that’s probably a truer statement than most. And Superintelligence is just that: silly. Melissa McCarthy (The Kitchen) trots out all her best gags and reactions, along with a sousant of heart to keep this rocky comedy afloat. James Corden (The Prom) and Bobby Cannavale (Motherless Brooklyn) add some solid buoyancy as well to keep it entertaining and heart-warming.

Where the movie loses its steam is with its director and supporting cast member Ben Falcone (Life of the Party). He still doesn’t quite know when to give up a joke or how to ground broad comedy so that it feels like a story rather than a rim-shot fest. Other than Jean Smart (Watchmen), he has the rest of the supporting players, like Brian Tyree Henry (Child’s Play), Sam Richardson, and even himself doing pratfall comedy. That can work, but in this movie it simply pulls you out of the story at every turn. Which isn’t to say the rest of the movie isn’t broad comedy, it is. But there is an underlying sense of reality that Steve Mallory (The Boss) put into the script that lets you go along for the ride.

But, as I said, sometimes silly is just the ticket for a situation. And silly this is, as well as romantic. It is also almost utterly forgettable as soon as it’s over, but that’s OK too if all you need is some amusing distraction. Cook up some popcorn and settle in for a couple hours of escape when you need it.

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