Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight

Sometimes you just need a little silly. And this will fill that need. OK, a bit of squishy-silly. Tales From the Crypt was an entertaining, if predictable show and this movie offering is cut from the same cloth, though with upscale f/x. They even start with a new level of tongue-in-cheek.

The story is nothing particularly surprising, or worth writing about, but the cast is a collection of folks, several of which hadn’t quite hit their popularity. There is even one uncredited cameo that was a hoot. To a one, the cast commit without reservation to the story and the style, which is what makes a movie like this work. Zane is especially fun in his role.

For a distraction on ┬ástormy night with a bowl of popcorn–or even an afternoon when you need to laugh and grimace, you can’t go wrong.

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