Terminator: Genisys (redux)


Now that it is all but official (for now) that there won’t be a sequel/follow-up to this installment of the Terminator series, I thought I’d watch it again to see how I felt about the decision.

I get the economics of the problem… they spent way too much money and didn’t manage to make it back. That was the producer’s fault and their marketing engine, which didn’t push the movie well.

This is still a damned clever time travel piece and a nice reboot on paper. Full appreciation, as I mentioned the first time I saw this, really requires rewatching the first 2 or 3 films as the riffs on all of that is a great deal of fun. The real problem, absent some minor script issues and mis-directed moments (like when Sarah sees John for the first time) is really just casting. Courtney has no charisma and no chemistry with either Clarke. Without that, so many moments fall apart and what’s left is just empty, by the numbers action.

I would really like to see how they planned out the new timeline, but it is more likely that someone will just reboot the whole bloody thing at some point down the road. A shame, really. There was potential here, even with Courtney. Maybe not for monster blockbusters, but certainly for some fun and closure.

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