The Ambassadors


Long time collaborators, Mitchell and Webb reunite after their most recent run on Peep Show to create this absurd but topical bit of political comedy. What they’ve created is very much in the vein of absurd, believable reality; that sort of broad humor that touches down to Earth just enough to allow you to accept the ridiculous goings on all around.

Supporting the duo are a host of talent including (but far from all): Tena (Game of Thrones), Karan (Darjeeling Limited), Lynch (Secret of Crickley Hall), Ghai (Bride & Prejudice), Carl (Doctor Who). Amusingly, Macfadyen gets to show his face, concurrent with his Ripper Street run, but in a very different role. 

Definitely a bit of a surprise, this one was. British TV comedy is often way too slapstick for my taste. Then again, so is a lot of American TV comedy. There are exceptions, of course, but I really prefer a bit of emotional reality with my laughs for both balance and credibility. This show manages to to deliver on many levels. With luck, there will be a second series.

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