The Big Wedding


Sure, this is just another imperfect family reconnecting at another family event, but it doesn’t pretend to be more than entertainment and the cast really helps sell it. Unlike Love the Coopers, which likewise boasts the talents of Diane Keaton and Amanda Seyfried, this is less about intense emotions and a bit more British farce, though it is based on a Swiss movie (Mon frère se marie).

Wedding is a multi-generational story that is as about as mature and complex as you can get. Keaton, Robert De Niro (Joy), and Susan Sarandon (Hell and Back) lead the older generation with glorious timing and calm responses to outlandish situations. There is also a nice smaller role for Christine Ebersole, whose acting is OK, but whose singing voice at the end is a wonderful surprise. Robin Williams (Absolutely Anything) also has a role to play. It isn’t ground-breaking for him, but it is, as always, fun.

The younger generation, along with Seyfried, includes Topher Grace (American Ultra), Katherine Heigl (Killers), and Ben Barnes (Seventh Son). Each has their own thread and somewhat predictable outcomes, if not necessarily straight paths to get there. And they  all hold their own well against the more seasoned actors.

More importantly, the ensemble as a whole feels like a family thanks to writer/director Zackham. He marshaled all this talent wonderfully. He kept them balanced and the pace sharp. While the emotional depths and heights of the story are shallow, there is enough shape to provide good, light entertainment.

The Big Wedding

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