The Bridge (Bron/Broen) – Series 2


After the first series, which has now been copied/translated into several remakes in the US, England, and abroad, it was hard to imagine they’d find a good way forward. The delight of the first series was its insane mystery and the characters that inhabited it. Something the US remake got only partially right.

Without letting go of their auspicious roots, however, they found a way forward. And, in some ways improved upon it. The first 10 episode series had an astounding impact, but an oddly narrowing structure as the mystery turned inward and highly personal, in fact and in scope. This second series starts big and gets bigger, without losing track of the characters and their histories, nor the personal aspect.

The story, smartly, picks up a year after the events of series one. The results of that experience having left its mark on everyone. In short order, Martin and Saga are thrown together again to deal with what we know will be the beginning of yet another byzantine mystery. Cause it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise!

By the time the series is done, there is a new path of carnage across Malmo and Copenhagen and our leads, well, you’ll just have to watch for yourself to find out.

While the mystery aspect has been well copied across the various continents, no one has matched the chemistry of the characters in Bron. It is worth every moment you’ll spend with subtitles.

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