The Bridge (Bron/Broen) – Series 3


Last series of this twisted look at cross-cultural psychosis focused primarily on Martin, Saga’s partner, and the fallout from their first case together.  It was a great character study, but not quite as interesting as the first go-round. This current series focuses primarily on Saga’s world and life, and the fallout of the previous two series. But, unlike series 2, the mystery and the the plot lines are wonderfully layered and more complex. Watching this world expand in believable ways, despite the convoluted mysteries they are confronted with, is part of what makes The Bridge worth the investment.

Sofia Helin (Ragnarok) continues to dominate the show, even amidst a great mystery and being surrounded by wonderful characters. Her portrayal of Saga, particularly this series, is a performance to behold. Helin takes these 10 episodes to very carefully start to show some of the cracks in her character’s very tightly controlled exterior.

There are many returning characters, but it is the addition of Thure Lindhardt that was most notable. With talent that spans quite a varied cv (Byzantium, Fast & Furious 6, Borgias, Keep the Lights On) he delivers a character with solid detective skills, but near as much baggage as Saga. The two work well together, both in the storyline and onscreen.

Bron, the progenitor of multiple copycat series (The Tunnel, The Bridge), is still the best of the lot. The creators have really upped their game in this third outing, with ice in their veins and clockwork minds. If you haven’t discovered it yet, you need to.

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