The Call


I really didn’t expect to enjoy this film; it surprised me. Almost from the moment it kicks off the stress and tension of the 911 call center pulls you in and your heart rate will rise. If you have never seen a call center, it is a great view into one (even if this is a bit more spacious than most). Berry’s (X2:X-Men United, Cloud Atlas) character and experiences are believable and the now grown-up Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) sell the events wonderfully. By the time the story gets unlikely (and with one almost unforgivable plot force) you just go with it and ride it through to the powerful ending.

Anderson (The Machinist, Next Stop Wonderland) directs and edits a great story. He is helped along by  Debney’s soundtrack that enhances the suspense and rarely lets you relax but doesn’t tend to get in the way either.

When you want a good 90 minute thrill-ride, this fits the bill nicely.

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