The Decoy Bride

Yep, yet another romance. Not sure why I’m on this jag… I’m getting in desperate need for something new, loud, explosive, and pointless. To be honest, there is some rewatching of these kinds of films in between my posts, but I don’t review them unless they are recent releases I’ve previously seen in the theater. So it is a trick of the process rather than reflective.

MacDonald (Nanny McPhee, ChokeGosford Park) and Tennant (Doctor Who, Fright Night, Glorious 39, Bright Young Things) have great timing together, if not perfect chemistry. The give and take and subtle shifts are fun and believable within the framework. And, nicely, none of the issues are easily resolved. That aspect is really a hallmark of non-US romances as compared to UK, and one that makes them much more fulfilling, in my opinon.

In support of the plot, Eve (Starter for 10) manages to create a diva with some strength–a bit tightly wound, but very capable. Her character is cheapened a bit at the end by going too broad with the humor, but she manages to provide a believable foil for the rest of the plot.

In short, as that’s about all this deserves, it was a fun diversion if you have the time and enjoy the main cast members, which is what drew me to the film.

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