The Dustwalker

[3 stars]

I will admit this is a weak recommendation, but when you’re looking for a creature-feature that’s the intellectual antithesis of Girl With All the Gifts, it’s not a bad distraction. But while Sandra Sciberras’s walk through rural Aussie horror isn’t perfect, or even entirely fulfilling, it does have a solid female lead in Jolene Anderson (Harrow). Her deputy Richard Davies (2:22) is also reasonable, given his part, but most importantly he and Anderson work nicely together.

The main challenges with this Saturday morning level flick are that it’s loaded with willful-stupid moments for the characters, the logic of the infection is a bit nebulous (though there are some rules I could suss out), and it’s intentionally vague about some aspects.

Those last two criticisms are also back-handed compliments as they respect the audience. Sciberras doesn’t over-explain the situation and is willing to try and tell the story very much from the humans’ point of view. But that does mean that not all questions will get answered. That approach sets this a step above a lot of movies I’d lump into the same category as this one. It still isn’t great, but it had humor, action, and at least some attempt at thought rather than just silly and pointless carnage. And it also makes me curious to see what Sciberras could do with a better script.

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