The Fades (BBC)

I recently had the opporunity to catch a new BBC show that really should not be missed. With only 6 episodes and a complex story, I can’t really discuss much about it, but I insist you make the time to give it a shot.

The Fades starts as a kind of older tweener, supernatural myster/thriller series. Typically, we have the outsider teenagers set against a backdrop of Bad Stuff Happening and somehow they are entangled in it. However, it quickly develops into something darker and other. By the end, I was floored at its willingness to be honest to the characters and its lack of sentimentality (not in a bad way–it definitely has heart) .

This isn’t to imply that it is perfect, it is far from. However, it is different enough and interesting enough to warrant this shout out. And those pluses far outshine its rough corners.

My biggest fear is that they’ll try to remake it here in the US. It will fail if they do… they wouldn’t even know how to market it, let alone what to leave in there. But for now, much like Misfits, this is a wonderfully unique and original show that deserves your attention if you can find it. And speaking of Misfits… the third season just kicked off. Can’t wait to see where that goes this year.


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