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This is a rarity in that I can’t give this more than a single star, even though I did watch the whole movie. Yeah, it was that bad. I started it at two stars, but as my comments went on, and on, I realized just how much I was annoyed and disappointed that I had spent time watching it in the first place. When the best feature of a movie is that it is only 82 minutes long, you definitely have a problem. So, on with the bashing…

Satire is difficult, at best. When it is done well, it is brilliant. When it is done poorly, as this was, it fails miserably. What the writer and director team were trying to do was something with the feel of Attack the Block and ended up with something closer to Attack the Gas Station, but without any of the redeeming aspects of the latter. There is no center to this film. It is just one attempt to shock with vulgarity after another rather than building any characters or stakes that make us care. While the centerpiece of a battle of gangs on the Beat Beat dance machine is clever and funny, even those prime moments fall flat.

Part of the issue was the multiple personality of the ideas. There were too many references, starting with the inescapable nod to Snake Plissken from Escape from New York. But like a lot of this film, nothing is made of that either in reference or background. In truth, we never learn much about our main characters or the world they live in, other than everyone drinks, has lots of sex (not our hero of course), and talks like a bad rendition of Snoop Dog. They may have though they were creating A Clockwork Orange for South Central, but it was too forced and had no meat. There are even a number of scense that mirror The Karate Kid (original or reboot) and could be funny and even inspiring in the hands of another, but here they come across as thumbing their nose at the very movies they want to play with.

The references continue visually in set and costume to Mad Max  A Boy and his Dog, Solarbabies, and even The Warriors. There are just too many flavors and nothing to bring them together.

This film was conceived, or still born, by a pair of brothers that couldn’t even keep their own names out of the story. At best, this is a student film that shows some sense of camera work and editing, and none for story. As a general offering, it is waste of the petroleum products that were used to make the disc it arrived on.

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