The Head

[3 stars}

Once you get past some of the odd science choices and setting (like  people standing around with exposed skin as if that wouldn’t cause frostbite, or that some are so unstable as to be dangerous, or that they’re not dual abilities to protect against injury and sickness…)…. OK, well, it’s a lot to get past, but you can because this series is unabashedly a riff on The Thing. Not even the original, but very specifically the Carpenter remake. And once you accept that, well, the sense of it all works fine. Which is to say this is all about the suspense and misdirect; it’s a series where you just have to go with the flow.

John Lynch (Black Death), Alexandre Willaume (Equinox), and Katharine O’Donnelly (Mary Queen of Scots) share the lead; each has a very different quality. The tension between the three forms an interesting sensibility and changing landscape as it goes along. Lynch is a little too extreme in his portrayal for my money, but that is his trademark.

The rest of the cast each bring different stories, issues, and red herrings to the plot. Among them Tomohisa YamashitaLaura Bach, and Amelia Hoy (Black Earth Rising) add the most, though Álvaro Morte (Money Heist) has his moments. I’ve gone out of my way to list some of them so you get a sense of just how international the cast is. That has it’s plusses and minuses as well, since the primary language is English, but it definitely makes for a different feeling series.

Directed by Jorge Dorado (The Ministry of Time), and developed and written by David and Àlex Pastor (Self/less) among others, you can get a sense of what you’re in for. Honestly, it’s some fun distraction and not a whole lot more. But that’s enough many times and, certainly, the mystery is kept alive and changing throughout the series. It’s biggest flaw for me is that it’s an episode too long…which allowed me to get well ahead of almost everything. But even so, The Head had me binging a couple or more a night to see what would happen next.

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