The Heat


Sometimes you put on a movie and realize you really aren’t its audience. Definitely was the issue for me with this film. My viewing-mates however, were enjoying the heck out of it, so I stuck with it.

Sandra Bullock (Minions) and Melissa McCarthy (St. Vincent) certainly had fun in this Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) romp. Bullock, in particular, got to really go way out there, while McCarthy continues to add to the list of off-color women she has created. There were just enough “real” moments in this story between the characters to keep me from running for the hills entirely, but the overall tenor and lack of possibility kept turning me off.

The story was neither quite a send-up of buddy-cop films nor a female version of that genre with a nod and a wink. Had it been a bit more Rush Hour or Lethal Weapon, I might have enjoyed it more. As absurd as those series are, there is an attempt to make the procedural parts feel real, or feel like they don’t need to be followed. Instead it landed somewhere in between those ideas and never felt grounded; it became just a series of interconnected comedy sketches… most of which were too long for my taste.

As a distraction, if this kind of humor works for you, it is perfectly fine. I’ve certainly tortured myself with worse. And the cast commits, so there are no weak links to cause issues with your viewing. But I certainly won’t be revisiting this one again and only recommend it if you know what you’re getting into. I have to say, it worries me for the already concerning female-centered reboot of Ghostbusters that Feig is launching later this year.  If this is an example of what he intends to do, I can see that beloved franchise getting destroyed.

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