The Hurricane Heist

[3 stars]

The plot of this popcorn heist is clever and, mostly, well thought through. There are short-cuts and dumb plot choices at times, though nothing so bad as to totally destroy the movie. It is however enough to make you groan on occasion.

Maggie Grace (Lockout) is the standout in this actioner. She is barely recognizable as a tough and damaged military guard. Everything from her voice to her bearing make over the actor, who more typically plays on her looks and elegance over any physical skills.

The emotional through-line, however, is through the semi-estranged brothers, Toby Kebbell (Kong: Skull Island) and Ryan Kwanten (Flight 7500). The effort is clumsy and only marginally believable. Both actors are fine in their particular roles, but there is little connection between them. They also end up stealing some of Grace’s thunder in the plot, which is a shame. It would have been a more interesting film if she had owned it utterly.

But the real star of this film is the storm itself. The depictions of its destructive capability are often showstopping, mostly because the movie itself just doesn’t sustain.

Director Rob Cohen (Alex Cross) keeps the tension and pace driving forward, building on each previous event to go even bigger in the next. With a bowl of popcorn and something to lower your inhibition to suspending disbelief and you’ll have a fun ride. It isn’t that you haven’t seen a lot of this before, but it is certainly repackaged for entertainment.

The Hurricane Heist

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