The Kitchen


The heart of most homes, and most parties for that matter, is the kitchen. Set up a camera and everyone will pass through at some point. This simple, but fun, film does just that… hangs out in the kitchen and manages, though a series of conversations and moments, to tell a satisfying story. It also captures (wonderfully) the housemate chemistry of individuals who are all different, except for their place in life at the moment.

Prepon (Lay the Favorite, That 70s Show) brought me to the film, and she plays to her strength: an intelligent, acerbic, insightful, slightly lost character. It is the niche that she has owned for years and does well. Somehow it just never gets boring for me. As the core of the film, she provides the thread for the ensemble.

The ensemble itself is filled out with a number of amusing and recognizable characters. Supporting performances by Dreama Walker (Don’t Trust the B*), Matt Bush, and Tate Ellington solidify the story. Additional folks fill out the cast, but tend to be more broadly played.

While the success of the film is certainly in large part due to the performances, it is the calm hand of the the director, Setton,  that makes it all work. He takes the action and events right to edge, only going over when he needs it to late in the movie. It is a farce, after all.

For a quick entertainment, this fits the bill. It will never make a top 10 list, but it shouldn’t leave you unsatisfied either.

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