The Long Call

[3 stars]

While navigating many challenging subjects like religion and sexuality, Ben Aldridge gives us a new kind of lead detective walking the harsh and isolated English coast. Along with Pearl Mackie (Doctor Who), the two work through a complex mix of assumptions and clues to get to the truth of a murder on the beach.

Helping along this four-parter are two incomparable actors: Juliet Stevenson (Queens of Mystery) and Martin Shaw (George Gently). Each bring some needed and powerful levels of nuance into the complicated story of family and, well, you’ll just have to watch to know it all.

Writer Kelly Jones brings a range of experience from the various kinds of mysteries they’ve worked on. And director Lee Haven Jones ran with that, bringing their own wide experience in styles to create a unique feel to the story. In some ways it feels like a less harsh Shetland, but there is plenty of quiet tension in the mix to propel the story forward. Given that the story is the latest adaptation of Anne Cleeves’ work (as is Vera), the similarities aren’t too surprising even if it manages to stand on its own.

I hope they find a way to continue the story without having to hold on too much to all the pieces. But because the town is rather small, that may be challenging story-wise. Of course, they can always branch out to Bristol if they need some space.

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