The Nice Guys


This was an utterly unexpected action/comedy. Written and directed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3), it captures the 70s beautifully, while taking aim at it. Imagine Diary of a Teenage Girl meets Jackie Brown. If that comment hurts your head, it should, but it makes sense when you see the film.

Black also packed the movie with references galore, including a brilliant Abbott and Costello by co-lead Ryan Gosling (The Big Short). Paired with Russell Crow (The Water Diviner), the two cut a swath through 1978 LA with both humor and violence, often at the same time.

Another unexpected stand-out was Angourie Rice (Doctor Blake Murder Mysteries) as Gosling’s daughter. She is a self-assured and powerful presence on screen, evoking Tatum O’Neal in Paper Moon.

There are many additional good performances, as well as brilliant production design to fill this film up with all manner of treats. From the beginning frames you’ll know you’re in for something both unexpected, wry, and not a little inventive. Make time for Nice Guys if you haven’t yet; it will surprise you.

The Nice Guys

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