The Oranges


A quasi-real suburban tale of actualization that will challenge your sense of morality. Whether it works for you or not may have as much to do with the subject matter as it does the script. For me, the great cast of actors and wry sense of humor overcame any shortcomings.

Couple one: Laurie (House, Black Adder), charming and vulnerable as ever and Keener (A Late Quartet, Hamlet 2), who is as equally intense. These two provide the main backdrop of awkward suburban marriage. Couple two: Platt (KinseyWest Wing) and Janney (Struck by Lightening, West Wing). These two becoming the sounding board, but are not untouched by the action.

The entire story is told from the first couple’s child’s point of view. Shawkat (Whip It, The Runaways) is who allows the movie to function, as she provides distance, commentary, and, ultimately, pronouncement of the results. Her character is a clever device to keep it from becoming too serious. Her counterpart, Meester (Surface), as the one time childhood friend and now catalyst for the storm that rocks both houses, provides her own sense of life and journey that somehow balances her choices without devaluing them.

Director, Farino, is doing what he does best in this movie: presenting life with as little judgement as possible. He did it before with Bob & Rose, though this time there is also a smattering of the absurd, a la his Entourage days.

This isn’t a belly laugh kind of comedy, nor is it a pure drama. It is a quiet, amusing little film with some moments that will definitely make you sit back and question the characters. Getting to see these kinds of talents work the screen as they would a stage, as it definitely has a play quality to it, is worth it in my opinion. Others may disagree.

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