The Story of Plastic

[3 stars]

I have to admit, as versed as I am in much of the environmental movement, I learned some things from this docu. None of them will help me sleep better at night either.

Activist director Deia Schlosberg is passionate about her subject and cause. By taking us into the root business drivers for the plastic industry, she provides both context and a disheartening sense of reality. All the things we thought we knew, all the things we thought we are doing and could do, are wrong and lies.

It would be easy to come to the end of this nearly two hours despondent and without direction, but that isn’t Schlosberg’s intent. The experience ends on a call to action and links and organizations to get involved with or donate to. While I could certainly argue the movie is a bit longer than it needs to be, often repeating itself or lingering on shots, it certainly enlightened me on aspects of politics and misrepresentations that had evaded me (and I’m a cynic to start with).

It may not be the best documentary you’ll see, but its information and message are both critical and essential and it may even shift your view and choices. I know I can’t even look at my garbage and buying habits the same way anymore.

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