The Tourist

Every so often there is a movie that understands what it is. The Tourist is definitely one of those. It knows it is a comedy and love story with a bit of action thrown in. Unlike Knight and Day, there is a grounded sense of tension and whimsy to the story that allows it walk the line it set for itself.

While not much more than a good popcorn film, at least I felt I knew what I was in for. Even when I was way ahead of it (which was most of the time as it is a stock thriller plot), it was still fun. The film is well-crafted and keeps enough mystery to keep you wondering and enough smolder to provide focus. Despite the moments where Depp slips into Jack Sparrow and Jolie into some of her stock characters, they work well together and it was an inspired pairing.

The Tourist won’t waste your time, but whether you return to Paris and Venice with the team for a subsequent vacation will be a question only you can answer.

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