Thor (redux)

Originally I reviewed this movie from my theater experience in 3D. This will be short, as you can go read the longer review if you want, but I was curious how well this movie would re-watch. Have to say, it actually watches better. This came down to two reasons.

First, no 3D. Really, it wasn’t necessary and added nothing except ticket price. Which, by the way, kept me out of the theaters for most of this past summer.

Second, I knew what the story was going to be. My expectations were appropriately set and I understood the rhythm that Branagh used. We can quibble about what he should have done, but the focus is Thor’s journey, not the love story, not even the sibling conflict. I understood that, but was distracted by the fights and the love story. All of which are important, but not the focus. This is one of those moments you can really hear the conversations with the writers and in the editing bay.

Still, this isn’t my favorite of the Avengers cycle that has been building up, but I like it better now and I am looking forward to seeing where the character goes next summer. So, for what it’s worth, if you have time to re-watch the film, do. If you haven’t seen it, do and then re-watch it sometime later if you must. It didn’t take itself too seriously, but still built on the world and managed a lot of info in a very short span.

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