Tomorrow When the War Began


A commitment to character honesty and story (over easy action) allows this film to avoid what could have been some serious pitfalls. The quality and delivery of the result were enough to get this to a weak four stars for me. That said, there is enough clunky dialogue to keep it from a solid four.

The real credit to the success goes primarily to Stasey’s (Reign) believable, likable, and tough Ellie. She is supported relatively well by her fellow cast, but this movie is on her shoulders almost entirely. Definitely an actor to watch.

Writer/director Beattie is best known for the script work he did on the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (and the characters that carried forward through the series). Of course he also did GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra and wrote and directed the recent bomb I, Frankenstein, so he is far from a reliable source.

Regardless, he did a good job here and is planning a sequel. I’m dubious a sequel is either necessary or would be as interesting, but there are arguments to be made for it. I personally like the structure and intent of this piece as a stand-alone. And as a stand-alone, I do suggest you catch this some evening. Definitely a film of its own kind. 

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