Top of the Lake


I came to this series a little late after hearing about it and some of the controversy. The latter aspect was a business issue when Moss (West Wing, Mad Men), an American, was hired into the main role and the Australian film board pulled their funding in retaliation. Filming and the story then moved to New Zealand. Of course, this is simply trivia.

What is important is the story. There is a saying: you cannot commit art. This story clearly attempts to, with moody visuals, odd characters, and dark story lines. The result is a mishmash of unsatisfying (and some unsatisfied) plots and characters willfully ignoring or doing stupid things. Moss, who I typically enjoy comes across as just incapable of the position she inhabits. Hunter (Blood Simple, Saving Grace) appears to be some weird riff on Yoko Ono. Wright (The Bridge) has probably the fullest developed character, but he mostly mopes around the edges with occasional bursts of important action.

Clearly, I was unimpressed with the overall impact of the 6 hour story, though the sheer weirdness of a lot of it kept me coming back assuming it would pay off. For me, it didn’t. You may find you like it more, but you’ve been warned.

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