Trapped (Ófærð)


Trapped plays on its title in fact and in metaphor across its 10 episodes. Director Kormákur (Everest, No Such Thing) returns to Iceland to spin a tense tale of local politics, human suffering, and personal redemption. The land and people become intertwined and I dare you not to feel the cold through the middle chunk of the story.

The ten, 1-hour episodes are full of revelations, twists, shocks, and a bit of dark comedy (a very little bit). It doesn’t quite have the drive or cleverness of The Bridge, but it is a solid piece of entertainment and glimpse into the psyche and culture of Iceland, and even a bit of Denmark. If you are looking for something a little different and interesting, this will fit the bill… and there is definitely room for a follow-up series, though this round comes to a very satisfying conclusion.

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