Truth Seekers

[3 stars]

Nick Frost (Slaughterhouse Rulez) and Simon Pegg (Inheritance) have a genius for making the absurd not just palatable, but also relatable. Whether it’s the insanity of Shaun of the Dead or the intense silliness of Hot Fuzz, they find the humanity and let you connect with it.

Truth Seekers is right in line with their approach and sense of humor. Frost’s wifi serviceman, moonlighting as a ghost hunter across the English countryside, gets an unexpected partner with unpredictable abilities and a real mystery to tackle. It’s funny between the jumps, and clever in its construction. Even the rough edges of the acting and production are as conscious as the crisp horror they inject at regular intervals.

Frost’s associates Samson Kayo and Emma D’Arcy make an odd trio, but play off one another well. Kayo’s off-hand delivery is particularly amusing. And supporting the story and the ghost hunters from the sidelines, Susan Wokoma (Enola Holmes) andĀ Malcolm McDowell (Bombshell) make for one of the oddest comedy duos ever put together. And, yet again, it works. Both the material and the talent all come together in unexpected and entertaining ways. Surprise guests willing to go odd places, like Kelly MacDonald (Puzzle), add to the fun as well.

Truth Seekers isn’t going to make your best-ever list. But this initial series pulls together nicely for a fun ride and with possibilities to come. And at 22 minutes a pop, it’s a nice bite-size treat for your evenings. It may even stand up to rewatching for many folks as it’s full of reveals as it rushes towards its end while winding all the threads into whole cloth.

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