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With summer almost done (where the heck did it go?) and the next round of shows about to start running, I decided to take inventory of what I’ll be back to watch next season and see what I’m watching during the summer rounds. Still more than I’d have thought and I’ll be working to shrink this list as much as possible. This covers primarily broadcast and running series rather than covering short and event series (e.g. Sherlock), though I touch on some.

Anticipating and/or curious
Sleepy Hollow
The Tomorrow People
The Michael J. Fox Show
The Crazy Ones


Person of Interest (still intriguing and with new directions to go)
Doctor Who
Community (we’ll see how this final season goes, the last was very weak)
Game of Thrones
The Fall
Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother (mostly just to see how it ends)
New Girl
Elementary (surprised me how good it turned out to be)
The Neighbors

Sure it’s silly, but it is the closest thing to clever on this front since 3rd Rock from the Sun. It can be scathing and Olagundoye is bloody brilliant. At 30 min/wk it is a great distraction (much like Big Bang)

Warehouse 13

Yeah, I’m going back again. I really stay for Kelly, but honestly the show has devolved over the last couple seasons, but remains entertaining enough to keep me coming back — and the guest stars didn’t hurt.

Thoughts  pending
Twisted (in progress…a little juvenile, but some interesting mysteries. Still may drop it soon if stays too soap opera)

Burn Notice (ended… response pending)

Letting die on the vine 

Under the Dome

Turned me off from the moment it started. It captures all the weaknesses of King’s writing and little or none of the strengths.

The Following

What could have been a great mini-series just became an absurd and poorly researched soap opera. Ending on a horror-style cliff-hanger just made it worse. I like a lot of the performers in this series, but I’m not wasting any more of my time.


Despite a good idea, it is bad science fiction in the extreme and with willfully stupid characters. Gave it 3 episodes and ran quickly away. I just don’t trust the chatter that said, “it got better.” The hole was too deep for me.


Love Lehman, which got me here, but the writing and approach weren’t compelling.


Yeah… no. Bad revival of Time Cop, Time Trax and similar series. Bad writing and unconvincing acting. How it got to season 3 boggles my brain.

Beauty and the Beast

Just not their demographic.

Cancelled, or stopped wasting my time
Bunheads (cancelled)
Cult (stopped after cancelled–a lost O’Bannon possibliity, but perhaps he’ll spend more time on Defiance now)
Zero Hour (stopped before cancelled, but it died after 2 eps)

2 thoughts on “TV round-up”

  1. Outside of Continuum, which I like more than you do – probably because I never watched Time Cop or Time Trax ;> – I generally agree with you. Warehouse 13 only has 6 more episodes (“semi-renewed”), so staying with that one makes sense :>.

    I too was surprised at how good Elementary was! And I’m totally stoked for where Person of Interest is going (doesn’t hurt that I love Amy Ackerman ;>)

    I had *exactly* the same reaction to The Dome as you did – opening ep was quite enough for me.

    Ones you didn’t list that I love?
    Haven Does the whole “mystery” thing better than most and has both good actors and decent writing – tho the end of last season got really kind of Woo Woo – so we’ll see…
    Unforgettable came back this week – I’ll have to see how I like the new format (lots of fave actors gone) – but the 1st ep looked promising…

    1. Some day I have to try Haven. We don’t get SyFy and I missed it on streaming before they pulled it. I’ve heard interesting things… this just adds to it. Unforgettable I gave an ep or two originally… just didn’t quite grab me, I’m afraid. Know they’ve revamped. Perhaps I should give them another shot since I’ve axed so many others?

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