Some Velvet Morning


This is a highly intellectual and subtle pas de deux by Tucci (Hunger Games, The Big Night) and Eve (Star Trek Into Darkness, The Decoy Bride). It feels  in many way more like a one-act play than a movie; a little stiff and histrionic but somehow real. The actors not only make it work, they make it interesting.

Given that Writer/director LaBute (In the Company of Men, The Shape of Things) is also a playwright, the structure and result isn’t too surprising.  LaBute navigates both the film and stage worlds, which gave him an edge to having the approach succeed as it does here.

LaBute doesn’t hide a clear path laid out from the beginning of the dialogue, but the journey and the underlying reasons keep you interested. In fact, the path itself is part of the point. By the time you reach the very end, you’ll have plenty to chew on and consider. It is a movie worth engaging, though not always easy to sit through. To see Tucci and Eve tackle these roles for a solid 80 minutes in a view that feels almost like a single take is worth your time alone. Outside of stage, you rarely get to see that kind of performance. And outside of NYC or LA, you don’t get to see this kind of talent take it on.

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