What We Do in the Shadows


A silly, silly, silly pseudo-documentary (or, if you’re a believer, a mockumentary) of a group of vampire flatmates in Wellington, NZ. Too weird for you? Then just move along, there isn’t much depth here to save it from that premise, just good humor and serious commitment to the cause.

Long time comedy duo Clement and Waititi co-wrote and directed this odd bit of cinema. As long time collaborators, you can see the comfort and ease on the screen with scenes that go way into the absurd. But, to their credit, as odd and crazy as the story gets, they keep it from feeling like a long SNL skit. There is a story here, a structure. It isn’t just a bunch of comedy sketches.

Clearly, this isn’t comedy for everyone; it is rather broad comedy and a rather narrow band of genre to mine. But any passing familiarity with vamps, and the current proliferation of the characters today, is enough to give you a way into to the fun. Whether it works for you or not will depend on your mood and tolerance for the absurd. They got me a on a good night–I enjoyed it, though I can’t imagine watching it again.

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