Why Him?

Why Him is, at times, hysterical. But between those moments it is clunky and almost unwatchable. The result is a like a rosary of humor, moving from one bead to the next as the touch-point to get to the end. Of course, I knew this was a gamble for me as it was from the writer of Zoolander 2 and Little Fockers, John Hamburg. Neither of these were on target for me. Even with the addition of his more adept co-writer, Ian Helfer (The Oranges), I probably should have known to run away.

Comedy is hard. This is a truism in entertainment. Hamburg is more often a writer and TV director. It really is more the directing than the writing I object to in this tale. He should have taken pause before diving into this stew. Another truism: Comedy is also highly personal. So, yes, I should have taken a pause as well.

Zoey Deutch (Everybody Wants Some) is the thread that keeps all the beads of this comic rosary from rolling away; she remains grounded through the whole tale. Without her I would have turned this film off in the first 10 minutes. The rest of the cast all have their moments, but none ever felt entirely real to me. James Franco (True Story), Bryan Cranston (Power Rangers), Megan Mullally (Hotel Transylvania 2), Griffin Gluck (Red Band Society), and Keegan-Michael Key (Don’t Think Twice) are all talented comedians. But they are all also talented actors, though you’d never know that from their roles in this movie.

In a weird twist, the best comedian of them all never shows her face: Kaley Cuoco (The Wedding Ringer). Much like Emma Thompson in Men, Women, Children, she gets to have a sort of running commentary in the film and does it well.

If you want some broad humor and don’t really care how well it is packaged, you’ll enjoy this. I don’t judge, but, really, you could find something better to waste a couple hours on.

Why Him?

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