Wild Tales (Relatos salvajes)

[3 stars]

Argentinian writer/director Damián Szifron clearly has a lot of unresolved issues and a very dark sense of humor. Wild Tales is an anthology of revenge and justice tales, with each segment done well and just about the right length to keep you interested without getting itchy.

There aren’t many recognizable faces unless you watch a lot of South American cinema. Ricardo Darín (The Secret in Their Eyes) in Bombita is one of the exceptions. He has had a lot of international exposure and delivers his role with exceedingly tight control. And, in the final scenario, Erica Rivas and Diego Gentile take us on a crazy wedding night adventure that manages to let you leave the film chuckling in a bittersweet way.

This is not a simple black comedy. It’s loaded with all manner of commentary about people, society, government, and the general nature of the universe. And while a number of the situations are cringe-worthy, it manages remain entertaining…if you’re in the right mood.

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