X-Files event series


The recent X-Files event series deserves to be written up for one main reason: it managed to pick up where they left off without missing a beat. Absent the aging of its main stars Gillian Anderson (The Fall), David Duchovny (Evolution), and Mitch Pileggi, it could have been a series of lost episodes from the original that ended oh, so long ago. That is a heck of an achievement given the previous 9 year run, 2 movies, and rabid fan base.

However, this was a mixed blessing. The new series came back to its audience with all the pluses and flaws that the original had. Creator Chris Carter, and his cohorts of Morgan and Wong don’t seem to have learned anything about their craft in the intervening years, nor recognized their weaknesses in the series.

Dialogue is still absurdly stilted. Logic is a myth. The audience is treated like fools. Pointless violence is rampant. On the up side, humor was still a staple of the delivery, at least in part. Joel McHale (Community), in particular, nicely served both the gravitas and the absurdity in the show and in the world.

In the end, this series was just a blatant attempt to relaunch the show with incomers Lauren Ambrose (Coma) and Robbie Amell (The Flash) who did a wonderful mirror of the older agents. But the finale, with its infuriating cliff-hanger, final front-title text, and ridiculous explanations meant to respond to many open questions from the previous years and movies had me wanting to scream at the TV. And not in a good way. A limited event series should be relatively self-contained with a way forward (maybe). It is a cheat to bring something like this back and leave it with a gaping wound rather than some form of closure. Shame on Carter, Wong, and Morgan… it is pointless to shame Fox Studios, they have no shame.

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