Converting One .c2s Files to .pes Files

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I got a comment today with a question about converting .c2s files into .pes files.  I thought answering with a post would make the most sense.

Remember, if you’ve just gotten the Floriani software (or you’ve had it for a while) and you need help with it, I’ve written Pictures to Stitches: A guide to digitizing basics with Floriani Embroidery Suite Pro just for you. Even if you have purchased Floriani Total Control-Professional, the book deals with basic features that work identically in the FTC-P package. You can get more information about Pictures to Stitches here.

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Now back to the main question. There are two ways to convert your .c2s files to .pes file: one at a time and batch conversion. This post shows how to convert one file at a time, and the next post shows how to convert multiple files from a single location from .c2s to .pes.

To convert one .c2s file to .pes:

Number Step Result
1 Open the file that you want to convert in the Floriani software.
2 Click File|Save As.  
3 The Save As dialog opens.  
 4 Click the arrow to drop down the Save as type list.  
 5 Click the Baby Lock/Brother/Bernina version for your embroidery machine. If you are uncertain which version to choose, ask your embroidery machine dealer. Make sure that you check the Save In location so that you know where the .pes file will be saved.
 6  Click Save. You now have a copy of the file in .pes format in the Save In location from step 5.

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  1. I have some lovely designs in C2S format that I received at a recent class I attended. I would love to be able to use these designs but I cannot figure out how to convert them to a format I can use–pes, exp, art as well as others. I have Bernina Designer 6 software but it will not convert C2S and I don’t own Floriani software although it looks interesting. However, I cannot afford to purchase it to convert a few designs. Any ideas or instructions on how to convert without Floriani software?

  2. I have the same problem and can’t find anything to convert the file to .dst Have you had any luck?

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