Converting One .c2s Files to .pes Files

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I got a comment today with a question about converting .c2s files into .pes files.  I thought answering with a post would make the most sense.

Remember, if you’ve just gotten the Floriani software (or you’ve had it for a while) and you need help with it, I’ve written Pictures to Stitches: A guide to digitizing basics with Floriani Embroidery Suite Pro just for you. Even if you have purchased Floriani Total Control-Professional, the book deals with basic features that work identically in the FTC-P package. You can get more¬†information about Pictures to Stitches here.

You can purchase the book


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  1. I have some lovely designs in C2S format that I received at a recent class I attended. I would love to be able to use these designs but I cannot figure out how to convert them to a format I can use–pes, exp, art as well as others. I have Bernina Designer 6 software but it will not convert C2S and I don’t own Floriani software although it looks interesting. However, I cannot afford to purchase it to convert a few designs. Any ideas or instructions on how to convert without Floriani software?

  2. I have the same problem and can’t find anything to convert the file to .dst Have you had any luck?

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