Converting More Than One .c2s File in a Location to .pes Format

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To convert more than one .c2s file in a single location to .pes:

Number Step Result
1 Open the Floriani software.
2 Click Tools|Batch Conversion.
3 The Batch design conversion dialog opens.
4 Click Select. The Open dialog displays.
5 Click the arrow to drop down the Files of type list.
6 Click Floriani (C2S). Only .c2s files now display in the file list.
7 Click the first file on the list that you want to convert.
8 Scroll to the last file that you want to convert and SHIFT-click it.Note: If the files you want are not in consecutive order, CTRL-click each file after the first untl all that you want are selected.
9 Click Open. The Open dialog closes, returning focus to the Batch design conversion dialog.
10 If you do not want to save the .pes files in the same location as the .c2s files, click the ellipse button (). The Browse for Folder dialog opens and you can find the folder to which you want to save the .pes files, click it, and click OK. The folder where you want the .pes files saved displays in the Destination folder textbox.
11 Click the arrow to the right of PES6.
12 Click the PES version for your embroidery machine. If you are uncertain which version to choose, ask your embroidery machine dealer. Once clicked the machine file version replaces PES6.
13 Click Start. Floriani displays a message detailing the success of the conversion.
14 Click OK. The Floriani message box is dismissed.
15 Click Close. The Batch design conversion dialog closes.

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